IDM is a Spanish IT engineering firm specializing in audacious solutions with a continuous commitment to excellence. A solution or it is continuously being improved or it disappears. IDM has a large team specialised in different areas and constantly undergoing training to tailor our solutions to continuous technological change.

IDM Sistemas de Comunicación, since It was founded on July 1st 1991, has had a continuous growth, has had earned a widespread recognition for its professionalism, listening skills, empathy, flexibility and commitment. Nowadays its solution, Q·sige, smart queue management system, is present in more than 1.500 facilities.

A solution is either continuously improved or it will disappear!


IDM Sistemas de Comunicación has different departments that allow us to fully meet and satisfy the needs of our customers:


In this time, we have learned that each installation is different from the rest. We take nothing for granted, we handle each one in a customised way and seek to tailor our solutions to the specific requirements of each of our customers.


We know that first-class training is essential for the optimal operation of any system. Only by giving a meticulous and customise training we can make our customers to get the most out of the advantages of our system.


The proximity and constant contact with our customers makes possible that we can both grow in confidence and experience. Our support department is characterized by its high degree of efficiency. A high percentage of our customers ´problems can be solved within few minutes.

C.S.D. (Customer Service Department)

Our systems are purchased once but they are used for many years. It is essential to count with a quick and efficient solution to face possible incidents. We place particular emphasis on preventive maintenance in all our installations.


Our systems staff are in constant contact with our other departments receiving information and constantly learning from the daily operations of our customers (technological partners), to continue improving and updating our systems.

SUPERVISION (Customer Satisfaction Department)

People in our customer satisfaction department are constantly finding out the customers opinion about the various services we supply, including the quality of our installations, first-class training, the speed and effectiveness of our remote support, incident resolution, etc…

Our customers have been, they are, and will be our technological partners.

Much of what we are today we owe it to them, and we will make every effort to ensure they are completely satisfied. We still have the same spirit and enthusiasm we started out with, but with more resources and experience. This means we can deal with fresh technological challenges and give new and better solutions to our customers.

Our solution is Q·sige, Smart Queue Management System.

Q·sige is a web solution to manage waits, making customers loyal, improving their satisfaction with the received attention and getting a better experience.