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Sistema Inteligente de Gestión de Esperas - SIGE

Our Smart Queue Management System optimizes customer service quality in all situations ranging from the most simple to the most complex. It is an innovative and flexible tool that is very easy to implement.

Its advantages are mainly experienced by the public in the shape of reduced waiting times and turning detested queues into comfortable waiting rooms, where they are kept abreast of when they will be served.

It also greatly improves the working conditions of customer service staff as they can attend to each person in an individualized and orderly way. This ensures full respect for customer confidentiality.

The SIGE is a powerful tool when it comes to providing information to those responsible for customer service quality management. It enables them to find out what is happening at the precise moment when events occur and thus take prompt and effective decisions, plus it also tells them what took place over a period of time so they can analyze and streamline resources to enhance their organization.

If you are interested in knowing how our system works you can see our QSIGE's demonstration.

Gestión de Esperas - SIGE LT
A shortened version of Q·sige, ideal for small businesses with a small space in which good organization can be very profitable. Retains all the functionality of Q·sige Synergy, to a limited number of service positions. The system is powerful and flexible. It Provides a comprehensive analysis statistics module for those who need information about what is happening in our organization
Gestión de Esperas - SIGE ST
Q·sige Synergy is the most complete, flexible and powerful version of all versions of Q·sige. It’s oriented to organizations or companies with a large number of central offices, where queuing is necessary for a better organization. Noted for its web-based applications, integrated content manager, etc ...