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IDM - Quiénes somos
“We listen carefully to our customers’ needs and use our experience to provide them with unrivalled solutions.”

The company was set up on 1 July 1991 called Importaciones y Distribuciones Manresa

At first, it marketed dynamic information systems using LED technology for advertising and real-time monitoring of production processes.

On 5 May 1997, its name was changed to IDM SISTEMAS DE COMUNICACIÓN as a result of its specialization in implementing (GESCARGA) and (SIV) information system solutions.

On 23 June 2003 came the S.I.G.E (Smart Queue Management System), the driving force that revolutionized and transformed IDM and turned it into an industry leader across Spain.

“A solid, multidisciplinary team that is ready to tackle new challenges.”

I.D.M. is a computer engineering firm specializing in audacious solutions that it develops in line with its commitment to improvement. Our engineers are well aware that a solution is either continuously improved or it will disappear.

I.D.M. has a large team specializing in different areas and constantly undergoing training so as to tailor our solutions to continuous technological change.

I.D.M. has been growing steadily ever since it was founded and has earned widespread recognition for its professionalism, listening skills, empathy, flexibility and commitment.

“We are ready to meet our customers’ expectations quickly and professionally, and we like to take the initiative.”

Our customers have been, are and will be our technology partners. Much of what we are today we owe to them, and we always make every effort to ensure they are completely satisfied.

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