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I- Object. This web site provides information about the trade products offered by IDM Sistemas de Comunicación S.L., a computer engineering company located in Valencia and hereinafter referred to as “The Company”.

II- Intellectual property. The contents of this web site, including images, logos, graphs, animated material, texts or software applications, regardless of their format, programming language and method of representation, as well as the domain name: www.idmsistemas.com are the property of The Company unless, otherwise, the corresponding rights thereof have been duly and legally acquired from the titleholders and are protected by the laws and international treaties concerning intellectual property and if applicable, those pertaining to industrial property, as well as the regulations applicable to domain names. The use of hyperlinks to this web is permitted, as is the use or reproduction, either total or partial, for non-lucrative purposes, of its contents as long as the source is duly cited as well as including a hyperlink to this web and in accordance with the cases admitted in Articles 31 to 34 of the Spanish Intellectual Property Law (Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, dated 12th April). It is also prohibited to use frames or any other mechanisms aimed at hiding the origin or source of the contents and any other use that may result in the transformation or exploitation of the said contents for commercial or promotional purposes or for unlawful purposes, or in a manner contrary to public order and morality which may damage the interests or tarnish the image of The Company or of legitimate third parties and which may amount to unfair trading practices or any use contravening the provisions set forth in the Conditions of Use herein.

III- Personal data protection. When you visit these pages, you are automatically supplying the web server with information relative to your user IP address (the sole identifier for the transmission of batches or packages between computers connected to Internet), the date and time of access, the hyperlink that forwarded you to these pages, the operating system involved and the explorer used. Without prejudice to the fact that the Spanish Electronic Data Protection Agency (hereafter, APD) may consider the IP as data of a personal nature, The Company may not obtain on its own initiative, nor has the intention of obtaining - unless damage has been sustained by it - any information about the user company and the corresponding internet connection in question. Such data shall be stored and solely used for monitoring and statistical purposes concerning access and visits to the web and under no circumstances shall be communicated or transferred to third parties. This web site does not use cookies nor any other similar function that may result in the collection of personal data without due consent. Should you carry out any act of communication with The Company, whether by telephone, fax, ordinary or electronic mail, your personal details shall not be kept nor included in any file which is the property of The Company but may be used to establish any kind of communication aimed at replying to the service requested. Apart from the legally established cases, your details shall not be communicated nor handed over to third parties without your express prior consent.

IV- General disclaimer. Links (hyperlinks) or any contents of third parties appearing in this web are offered with the purposes of broadening the information available on products and promotion. Their inclusion does not imply the acceptance of the said contents nor does it imply any association of The Company with persons in charge of such web pages and hence accepts no responsibility in relation to this matter and it will not respond to any claims of damage that might occur in your computing system (equipment and applications), documents or files. The Company does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of this web site, nor of its contents for technical reasons, security questions, service control or maintenance questions, as a result of faults in the server that hosts the contents or in other intermediaries or providers; it cannot be held responsible for attacks against the computing system, nor for any other events arising out of situations beyond its control and hence shall be exempt from any direct or indirect liability. The Company shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect faults, errors or damage that may occur in the user’s computing system and affecting files or documents stored therein and which may be caused by or arise out of the state, capacity or quality of the computing system, or the presence of a virus or other damaging computer application in the computer used in the connection to the web contents or the quality of the connection or access to internet, or arising out of a faulty connection of the explorer involved or due to applications that have not been duly updated or where the corresponding user’s license has not been duly obtained.

V- Modifications and updates. The Company reserves the right to carry out changes and adjustments in the information contained in the web, and pertaining to its configuration, availability and presentation, as well as in the Conditions of Use herein without prior warning.

VI- Applicable legislation. All questions related to the use of this web site or its contents shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Conditions of Use herein and with Spanish legislation. The Parties shall submit themselves, with the exception of cases where it is not legally permitted, to the jurisdiction of the Law Courts of the City of Valencia (Spain) and expressly renounce legal action in any other form that they might be otherwise entitled to.